Free visitor planner - private social network for families & friends of  seriously ill and/or elderly persons

Visitor Planner (completely FREE) - designed to help families & friends manage precious time left for visits to a 'loved one' who has terminal cancer / illness

# To use visitor planner - all it needs is for a family member (or a close friend or a carer) to sign up at 'Create Admin' - enter brief details of their 'loved one' - then from within visitor planner - send visit invites to family & friends

# Once a family member and/or friend has signed in - they can add dates & times when they are able to visit - while also being able to join a private forum specifically related to their 'loved one'

# While primarily for use by family & friends of a 'loved oned' who has terminal cancer/ illness - visitor planner is equally suitable for use in relation to any seriously ill and/or elderly person

# Visitor planner is a social network - but unlike many other social networks it is totally private - as well as being secure


I am a senior/baby boomer and I am retiring soon. As such this site and/or domain are available for purchase details of which can be seen at

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As admin you should be a family member or close friend or a professional carer of a 'seriously ill and/or elderly' person.