About Visme.com

When mine and my brother's mother was diagnosed with late stage terminal bowel cancer in the summer of 2013 - the news hit our mother, ourselves and our families like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

At the time we did not fully understand the serious implications and some of us, including myself tried to kid ourselves that she would be with us for at least another twelve months - but then very sadly, only seven weeks after her diagnosis she died.

During those final weeks of her life, quite understandably there was a panic by family and friends who were all wishing to visit. Given my IT background, I decided that an on-line visitor planner was needed in-order to manage visits from family & friends - but given there was nothing seemingly suitable on-line - I decided to quickly build something simple that would help regulate a smooth flow of visitors.

Needless to say my website effort was very basic given my limited skills, but it was from that website I came up with the idea of visme.com - a full function visitor planner where family & friends could self manage visits, use their own private forum and upload visit photos.

Once I had drafted a spec and produced a few wire-frames I contacted my good friends Ankur & Thi at Moorem.com in New Delhi who then set about coding visme.com - which is provided completely free by my company in the hope of helping other families (& close friends) manage precious time left for visits for their 'love one' who has terminal cancer / illness.

On a final note I have been recently shocked to learn reading somewhere on-line, that approximately 16,000 people a year die of bowel cancer - and that's just in the UK - and as recently reported on the BBC Website - Global cancer cases reach 14 million, World Health Organization says

I hope visme.com is of help and would be most grateful for any feedback.

Ian Jones
Hythe, Hampshire, UK

Visme.com is dedicated in the name Edna M Jones May-8, 1923 ~ Oct-16, 2013 - an RAF corporal in WWII - who processed secret reconnaissance photographs - including those for the D-Day Landings.

I am retiring soon. If you might be interested in taking on this site & developing it further please contact me ianjones[at]foundlostdogs.com