Yes - but we recommend that the administrator is a close family member or friend and one who has email details of family and friends in-order to send invites.
At this time there can only be one administrator for a given 'seriously ill and/or elderly' person - albeit we might increase this in future.
No problem but as administrator you will have to manage visits on their behalf and let them know of the Visitor Planner contents.
Emails are a key element of visme.com and once the administrator has completed "sign up", the administrator can send customized emails to each visitor inviting them to "sign in". Once visitor "sign in" is completed, each visitor can self manage as when they wish to visit, as well as upload appropriate recent photos of the 'seriously ill and/or elderly' person and to add entries in the forum. Every 30-minutes visme.com checks every 'seriously ill and/or elderly' person account and sends notification emails out to each visitor. Visitors can opt out auto emails if they wish including visit reminder emails.
Most definitely yes and this is the clever part of visme inasmuch that a given person can be an administrator for several different 'seriously ill and/or elderly' persons, while at the same time being a visitor for other 'seriously ill and/or elderly' persons.
No. When we originally designed visme.com it was produced so that family & friends could co-ordinate between themselves as to when they could visit. We also took the view that most 'seriously ill and/or elderly' persons would either not be well enough to go on-line and/or in the case of the elderly - they might not be Internet users. As such visme.com relies on the administrator and/or visitors communicating when and who is due to visit next. But if the 'seriously ill and/or elderly' person specifically wants Visitor Planner access and to receive auto emails advising of visits - then the adminstrator can simply add that person as a visitor.
Given the Visitor Planner only runs for a rolling 30-day period we only store entries added or deleted during that period and thereafter they are permanently deleted. The forum archives for a longer yet to be decided period.
At this time no, but because we are a completely free service with no means of monetization we may well have to a apply a storage limit at a later date.
If our software was to allow this, chaos could ensue as you could then have two administrators creating two different independent accounts and two different Visitor Planners for the same person. Because with 'seriously ill and/or elderly person' registration it is not mandatory to input a unique email address - given in the case of the elderly many might not have an email address - we use an algorithm which checks the matching accuracy of name & address between entries - to ensure duplicates cannot created.
While an administrator might think an account for a 'seriously ill and/or elderly person' should be deleted (for whatever reason) - there could well be visitors associated with that same account who might think otherwise - with one of whom would be happy to take over as administrator. At present this is not an automated function so you will need to 'contact us' regarding the deletion of an account or transfer to somebody else to administer.
We use your email address as your unique account identifier - so if you then at another time use a different email address - then that email address will get associated with a completely different account.